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Jennings Homes residence

Promontory Resort in Park City is becoming a prime destination for new luxury living. Park City offers one of the most accessible and reasonably priced ski resorts in North America - with a natural environment that can't be beat.

Jennings Homes' new single-family development needed some marketing collateral to really show off the style and quality of their homes within their amazing Park City setting. Drone photos were captured to work as stunning backgrounds for the renderings. A wide collection of still images were developed to show off not only the home's exterior design, but also the various rooms throughout the living space. Our team then developed an interactive walkthrough to be used on the project website as well as a virtual reality piece which was loaded on 3D goggles for use in the sales center.


Exterior renderings, interior renderings, virtual reality, interactive walkthrough

Jennings Homes

Client Website

Interactive Walkthrough

Click below to launch the interactive walkthrough.

  • navigate the environment by swiping/clicking around the room
  • navigate the other rooms by tapping the red indicators through the space
  • if using a tablet/phone, tap the circular ‘gyro’ button to enable the device’s accelerator for a 360-degree experience

Virtual Reality

Click below to launch the vr piece (best experienced with cardboard, oculus, and other vr headsets).

Note: enable full screen after launching