Clear, Clean Branding

Ore Designs

Ore Designs is an amazing design team specializing in the design and manufacturing of landscape architectural elements. Based in Salt Lake City, the group is dedicated to creating thoughtfully constructed canvases, tools that establish harmony, and keep the focus on nature.

Ore has been working with our team for a number of years now to showcase their wide selection of creative landscaping architectural pieces. We began by first setting a clear, clean branding style for all imagery. The focus would be to show off the various products, their construction, and options - against clean white studio backgrounds so your eyes focused directly on the products. We've created many images as well as informational animations throughout the years.


3d product renderings, animations

Ore Designs

Client Website

Fuse Planter System

A visual look at the curving system of interconnected Fuse planters.

Cladding Options

This animation gives an overview of the various planter cladding and color options that customers can choose from.

Planter Options

Ore Designs provides customers many options for their planters. This animation provides an outline of those including footings, irrigation, speakers, lighting, and even custom sizing.

Constellation Wall

Check out this animation that looks at the various parts and construction of Ore’s constellation wall.