Capital Campaign

Spy Hop

Spy Hop reached out to bowen studios to help visualize their new facility in Salt Lake City. The organization was creating a big capital campaign to create a new, permanent home in the Central Ninth neighborhood of the city. bowen studios was up to the challenge!

The capital campaign required some high-impact collateral. We had been working with Spy Hop over the past couple years developing exterior and interior renderings of the new building as the design evolved. As the design was finalized and we created a final 3d model of the new structure, we evaluated additional tools to help the campaign. An animation of the site as well as the interior spaces was created and used within a larger campaign video. We also developed a virtual reality element that could be loaded to an Oculus so people could virtually experience the space. An interactive walkthrough was compiled and made available on the campaign website.


Exterior renderings, interior renderings, animation, virtual reality, interactive walkthrough

Spy Hop

Client Website

Interactive Walkthrough

Click below to launch the interactive walkthrough demo.

  • navigate the environment by swiping/clicking around the room
  • navigate the other rooms by tapping the red indicators through the space
  • if using a tablet/phone, tap the circular ‘gyro’ button to enable the device’s accelerator for a 360-degree experience

Virtual Reality

Click below to launch the vr demo (best experienced with cardboard, oculus, and other vr headsets).

Note: enable full screen after launching